Photoshop in Urdu

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-: Photo shop CS2 Course Outlines :-

2.Basic Components pt.1
3.Basic Components pt.2
4.Type of Graphics pt.1
5.Type of Graphics pt.2
6.Type of Graphics pt.3
7.Creating Canvas
8.Tool Pallet
9.Tool Functions
10.Selection Tools
11.Color Replacement Tool
12.Brush Tool
12.Pencil Tool
14.Healing Brush
15.Spot Healing Brush
16.Patch Tool
17.History Brush Tool
18.Art History Brush
19.Clone Stamp Tool
20.Eraser Tool
21.Gradient Tool
22.Blur,Sharpen,Smudge Tools
23.Dodge,burn,Sponge Tools
24.Text Type Tool
25.Shape Tools
26.Pen Tool
27.Path Selection Tool
28.Eyedropper Tool
29.Zoom Tool
30.Hand Tool
31.Notes Tool
33.Working with Corel pt.1
34.Working with Corel pt.1
35.Working with Corel pt.1
36.Website Images
37.Project No.1
38.Project No.2
39.Project No.3
40.Project No.4
41.Project No.5
42.Project No.6
43.Project No.7
44.Project No.8
45.Project No.9

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