CorelDRAW in Urdu


-: CorelDRAW Course Outlines :-

3.Pick Tool
4.Shape Tool pt.1
5.Shape Tool pt.2
6.Zoom & Pen Tool
7.Freehand Tools
8.Rectangle Tool
9.Elpse Tool
10.Polygon Tool
11.Text Tool
12.Interactive fill Tool
13.Interactive Transparency T..
14.Interactive Blend Tool 1
15.Interactive Blend Tool 2
16.Interactive Blend Tool 3
17.Interactive Blend Tool 4
18.Interactive Blend Tool 5
19.Eyedropper&Paint Bucket
20.Outline Tool
21.Fill Tool
22.Doc & Page Navigation
23.Object Terminology
24.Drawing Basic Object
25.Selecting Object
26.Grouping and Aligning
27.Duplicating Object
28.Color Filling & Mixing
29.Work with Text pt.1
30.Work with Text pt.2
31.Work with Text pt.3
32.Work with Text pt.4
33.Urdu Text pt.1
34.Urdu Text pt.2
35.Urdu Text pt.3
36.Urdu Text pt.4
37.Urdu Text pt.5
38.Urdu Text pt.6
39.Project No.1
40.Project No.2
41.Project No.3
42.Project No.4
43.Project No.5
44.Project No.6

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