HTML in Urdu

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-:Overview of the Course:-

HTML is a hyper text markup language which is considered the backbone of web designing and web pages. Without learning HTML you can not go ahead with other advance web designing or web development tools and languages. So the first step for you to become a web designer is; learning HTML. This course is an important course of HTML in Urdu/Hindi  languages. In this course we’ll teach you the basics of HTML and after the basics, you’ll learn the advance tags and at the end, You’ll learn creating website layouts in HTML & CSS.

-:The Outline of the Course:-

Chapter #1: – All Basic HTML Tags

  1. Introduction to HTML (2 videos)
  2. Creating first page in HTML
  3. HTML basic structure
  4. Paragraphs & headings
  5. Inserting Links in HTML (3 Parts)
  6. Basic HTML Tags
  7. HTML Font Tag
  8. Marquee Tag in HTML (4 Parts)
  9. Adding Images in HTML
  10. DIV Tag in HTML
  11. Inserting Videos & Sounds in HTML

Chapter #2: – Creating Tables & Forms in HTML

  1. Creating Tables in HTML (3 Parts)
  2. Creating Forms in HTML (2 Parts)

Chapter #3: – Creating Lists & Using iFrames in HTML

  1. Creating Ordered & Unordered lists in HTML
  2. Using iFrame in HTML

Chapter #4: Understanding the HTML 5 

  • Introduction to HTML 5.0
  • The Basic Tags of HTML 5.0
  • All Newly Introduced Tags in HTML

Chapter #5: Creating Website Layouts in HTML/CSS

  • Creating website Layout using Tables in HTML (Project #1)
  • Creating website Layout using DIV Tags in HTML (Project #2)
  • Pure HTML5 & CSS3 Layout (Project #3)
  • One more website layout in HTML & CSS (Project #4)
  • All Source Files included
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