Macromedia Flash 5 in Urdu Video Course


Macro-media Flash-5 Course Outline

01 – Introduction

Flash-5 / Flash MX 2004/ Adobe Flash CS 3


02 – The Interface

Interface layout overview

Managing the workspace (Movie properties)

File types (fla, swf, exe, HTML)


03 – Tools summary

Drawing with the pencil

Modifying lines

Drawing with the pen

The oval and rectangle tools

Modifying  shapes (Free transform)

The brush tool

The lasso tool

The eyedropper tool

Using the mixer

Adding custom colors

Working with multiple objects

Grouping objects

Align Panel (Ctrl+K)


04 – Animation Basics

The timeline

Time frame, frame rate

Onion skin

Movie properties and frame rate

Frames ,Key frames, Blank key frames (changing Points)

Deleting  frames

Copying frames

Reversing frames

Testing frames/movie

05 – Frame By Frame Animation

Frame by frame animation


06 – Motion Tweening

Basic motion tweening

Tweening effects

Edit multiple frames

Motion guides

Motion tweening text


07 – Shape Tweening

Shape tweening

Shape tweening text

Edit multiple frames


08 – Libraries, Symbols and Instances

Working with the library

Creating and editing symbols (Ctrl+F8)

Converting to symbols (F8)

Editing symbol instances

Compressing options over view


09 –Urdu Text

Working with Urdu Text

Tweening Urdu text


10 – Understanding layers


Removing timeline /Layers

Masking layer

Animated masks (one point to another)

Guide layer


11 –Text Type

Text tool overview

Aligning text (Ctrl+T)

Paragraph options


12 – Bitmaps

Bitmaps vs. Vectors

Importing and compressing

Bitmap sequence

Breaking apart bitmaps (Ctrl+B)

Bitmap fills

Trace bitmap   (Modify > Trace Bitmap)


13 – Buttons

Button / Rollover button

Creating button / Invisible button


14 – Movie Clips

What are movie clips

Modifying movie clip instances


15 – Introduction to action scripting essentials
Stop / Play
Go To And Play

Full screen  (FS Commands)

Exit movie (FS Commands)

16 – Adding action script

Adding actions to Buttons

Adding actions to Frames


17 – Sound and its properties

Creating sound file

Adding sound

Compressing sound


18 – File type overview

Application of different file types in publishing

( fla, swf, exe)


19 – Projects

(1)-Movie clip

(2)-Roll over buttons


(4)-Animated web contents using Masking / Guide Layers.

(5)-Webpage with animation, buttons, action  scripting.



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