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4 Viral Money Making YouTube Channel Ideas 2022

Best YouTube Channel Ideas 2022

YouTube gives us great opportunity to earn online revenue. Online earning and E commerce have sky rocketed in last two years and if you start Online YouTube channel, chances are that you can earn something within few months. If you go viral, which usually happens with some kind of support from companies like The Marketing Heaven, then you can earn a fortune online.
Here we are going to provide you expert advice on what kind of YouTube channels attract most attention and can bring the most traffic which means more revenue.
Creating a YouTube channel does not means you start the earning straight away. You have to attract traffic to that channel. It is a good idea to do the research in most trending types of channels making revenue online.
Below are the 4 types of YouTube channels that bring most traffic and make the most money online.
Most important thing that you must understand is to create a channel on a topic or niche that you are really interested in. There is a solid reason behind that advice. You tube channels require a lot of relevant content and if you are interested in that content you can create it without any problem. You would have to find the content from other sources if your interest is not in the topic that you have chosen for your YouTube channel.

1.Handy Crafts Channel

There is a huge demand of people creating handy craft items. This could be anything; you can show your arty side by creating anything, it could be embroidery, knitting, woodcraft, paper craft, pottery, handmade jewellery, or painting on things like vase or pens.
Best thing is that most of the viewing comes from the western countries which mean more revenue. Girls can create so much content and make a video while they do it and it could attract so much traffic.

2.Village Life Routine

People living in villages often think that they do not have same opportunity to create content for popular videos same as people living in big cities.
Well, this is not true anymore. There is good news. People living in abroad have huge interest in viewing the village life simple routine. You just need a good video camera and some creativity. Show how to make a desi breakfast, show how to cook pure village food. Show people how to grow food, show the video of beautiful and stunning natural places of your village, do a tour of your local mosque, cover a mela or sports event and post the video on your channels. People living abroad who have a connection to the villages really like that kind of videos and their viewership from abroad can generate lot of revenue.

3.Restoration Channel

Restoration is one of the most popular topics to attract western viewership. All you have to do is just choose an old object that you can find at home or buy from an old scrap shop and bring that object to the position as it was when new. Make a video while you are doing it and post it with an attractive title. You can get an old sewing machine, an old gun, any old small machine, an old cycle, buy an old car and restore it and make a video about it and post it online for guaranteed viewership and revenue. So much revenue can be generated from these kind of videos. Know on bam capital.

4.Buy and Sell Channel

There is a huge demand for a buy and sell channel. Best thing about this kind of channel is that you do not have to have any investment in that channel. You just go to some shop, select their product and create a good review video of that product. You can provide a contact number or a link at the end of the video for the viewers so they can contact you to purchase that product. This way you can create a two way income stream. You can make money by the viewership and you also can make money by selling those products. One thing that you should keep in mind is that you should choose the product with good profit margin. Expensive things like a car, motorcycle, real estate can give you good profit margin. You can also choose something online like and create a review about it and let your viewers know that if they want to buy that product they should contact you and you can post it and make profit from it.
So, here are the four best ideas that can generate most viewership and bring stream of revenue online for you. The key is consistency and patience. You must do this on regular basis and not to put too long gap between posting the videos and stay patient. Online earning takes time to establish but once it starts, you can relax and watch your account filling with online revenue. So, what are you waiting for, select your niche and start making videos from today, sooner you start sooner you will have an established money making channel ready.


Best YouTube Channel Ideas 2022

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