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Send voice messages and comments on Facebook

Send voice messages and comments on Facebook

Send voice messages

As we all want or love to interact with our friends on facebook. We comment them or poke them.But as we all knows that life getting advance day by day.We want something new or change.As social app introduce audio chat like Whats app , Line , viber , IMO and We chat etc. Most of people prefer audio chat instead of texting.We are getting fed up from texting.Now everyone want audio then texting like talk and comment.

So, I am introducing one of the best app which fulfill your desire of talk.Its true, App in which you talk,talk and talk…In which your audio can show your emotions as well.Not only android Apps but Facebook , twitter , E-mail also send your voice chat.

That app which i am talking about is named as ” TALK AND COMMENT “.Though which you can talk on any public comments rather it will be on Facebook , twitter  , google+ etc.



You can send talk and comment on:-

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • E-mail
  • Google+
  • YouTube etc..

Click Here To Download


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