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Facebook Like Analyzer

Today i have came up with a video “Facebook Like Analyzer“. Mostly people use Facebook and nowadays having your own Page/Channel on social media is getting common. People make pages to increase their fan popularity or brand awareness. After having a page the main problem people face is how to promote your page?.
How to promote a page?

Facebook Like Analyzer

In order to promote a page either you have to pay Facebook for advertising your page or you need to invite your friends to like your page. if your friends are nice to you they can like your page the moment you invite them as it only take seconds.But you only get notification when somebody likes your page but do you exactly want to know that from which country you got like to your page.if so then this video is for you.
In this video you can check your Facebook page likes with a free tool http://www.likescheck.com within seconds.

Facebook page Analyzer


Purchasing a Facebook page from somebody is not the ideal solution. It takes time to get real likes from humans rather than robotic likes/fake likes.

only post relevant content to your page.

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